Oreo Price

Oreo Price:
Special Offer for Door Gift. Pleas scroll down...
  1. Pattern: RM1.60
  2. Audible Image: RM2.00
  • You may request others image choice (depending on the stock availability)
  • You may send email to custom your own image (extra charge apply) 

There are 2 types of Oreo: Single & Double

Note: Just add 20 cents for Double Oreo

Pattern Oreo:

Audible Image Oreo:

You may request for other image but depending on the stock availability

Door Gift / Packaging:

Single Pattern Oreo = RM1.60
Single Audible Oreo = RM2.00
For Double Pattern/Audible, add 20 cents per pc

Set of 2 pcs Single Pattern Oreo = RM4.30
Set of 2 pcs Single Audible Oreo = RM5.00
For Double Pattern/Audible Oreo, add 20 cents per pc

Set of 4 pcs Single Pattern Oreo = RM7.50
Set of 4 pcs Single Audible Oreo = RM9.00
For Double Pattern/Audible Oreo, add 20 cents per pc

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