Monday, April 29, 2013

Chocolate in sushi box 2 pcs

Order from Adik. Chocolate with filling strawberry cream and almond stripe. Packaging in budget doorgift --> sushi box 2 pcs. 

(Note: minimum order 50 box. Get more discount for order over 100)

Special Gift delivery...

Order from member lama, Aini. Requested for Chocolate Praline RM35 yang tengah promo ni ---> FREE DELIVERY. 
Disebabkan Aini duduk area Puchong, so I just delivered to her door step.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thanks Tag

Another design by Molly Choc for Thanks Tag..

Can change the word "Terima Kasih" to "Walimatul Urus" or anything

Price: 40 cents/pc (get more discount for order 100 over)

Code from left: TQ06, TQ07 and TQ08

Note: Tag will be printed in square shape

More design by clicking HERE to go to Molly Choc Design Page

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lolipop pop pop..

Hi. Molly Choc ada chocolate dalam bentuk lolipop. Sangat sesuai untuk birthday party, wedding or majlis aqiqah sebab budak2 confirm ada.. 

Yang bestnya tu boleh filling dengan Nestum atau Bubble Rice. Budak2 mmg suka punya!! Ada texture rangup di situ.. Cubalah!

Harga yang MENARIK untuk order yang banyak

Untuk senarai harga, boleh click HERE or go to page Chocolate Lolipop

Occasion design

Audible image

Filling Oreo yang mengancam!

Chocolate filling with Oreo. Sangat2 sedap dan mesti rasa!

Untuk filling oreo ni ada 2 jenis. Samada nak letak sekeping oreo atau "seketul" oreo yang biasa kita makan tu.. yang ada cream kat tengah tu.. boleh tengok gambar di bawah kalau x berapa paham.. ;)

Just add 20 cents for double oreo
Oreo ada 2 design. Kalau yang normal kita panggil pattern dan lagi satu yang letak audible image. Harga pun berlainan. 

  1. Pattern: RM1.60
  2. Audible Image: RM2
Ada packaging yang menarik seperti di bawah..


Audible Image (image tu boleh makan)

Free ribbon
Free Thanks sticker. Click HERE to view available design

Single Pattern Oreo = RM1.60
Single Audible Oreo = RM2.00
For Double Pattern/Audible Oreo, add 20 cents per pc

Set of 2 pcs Single Pattern Oreo = RM4.30
Set of 2 pcs Single Audible Oreo = RM5.00
For Double Pattern/Audible Oreo, add 20 cents per pc

Set of 4 pcs Single Pattern Oreo = RM7.50
Set of 4 pcs Single Audible Oreo = RM9.00
For Double Pattern/Audible Oreo, add 20 cents per pc
  • Notes:
    • Audible image in hands are Upin Ipin & Pooh only
    • You may request for other image but depending on the stock availability
    • You may send email to custom your own image (extra charge apply) 

Special Door Gift

Hi. Molly Choc ada set Door Gift / Packaging yang menarik. Harga akan dapat lagi murah bagi pembelian yang banyak..

Special Offer from Molly Choc ----> Free little ribbon & Free Thanks sticker. Click HERE to go to page Molly Choc Design for available sticker design. Just inform us your colour theme and we will do the editing..

p/s: Kalau nak guna ribbon yang besar sikit, hanya tambah 10 cents per set. 

For more details, go to page Door Gift & Prices by clicking HERE

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Budget Door Gift

Untuk door gift, Molly Choc ada packaging yang murah tapi masih nampak menarik. Boleh buat pilihan seperti yang di bawah. Untuk packaging yang standard atau exclusive, boleh click pada page Door Gift & Prices

Free little ribbon
Free "Thanks" sticker. Click Here to go to Molly Choc Design

For Golden Box 4pcs, available for Rose and Round shapes only due to limited space. Harap maklum..

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Praline Flavours

Cream flavour yang available dari Molly Choc.
For more info, click page Chocolate Praline

Chocolate Praline shapes

Ada macam2 shapes n design untuk chocolate praline. Ini sebahagian saja. Saya akan update lagi nanti. Tungggguuuu...

For more details, click at Chocolate Praline page

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Strawberry Taste

Hi. Yang ni Strawberry shapes filling with strawberry cream (nak letak cream lain pun boleh, tapi agak lebih ngam dengan strawberry cream)
Nampak sedap dan mmg sedap! huhu..
Nak buat dia mmg agak rumit dan remeh sikit tapi harga saya letak sama je dengan yang lain... 
Boleh refer page Chocolate Praline for the price & other filling

Strawberry Cream

Flowery chocolate praline

Hi, new update from me." Flowery chocolate praline"
Boleh filling with any creams or nuts. Memang terangkat kesedapannya..
Sebagai guideline and more info, boleh click at Chocolate Praline page. There are a list of chocolate shapes and colours available. Pilih je code mana yg berkenan di hati.. :)

p/s: jangan lupa Like & Share kat FB. Leh dapat Free Delivery tau!


Monday, April 8, 2013

It's start to begin...

Alhamdullillah, tercipta juga blog "MollyChoc" yang di idam2kan ini..

The Molly Choc is running a business that related to only Chocolate! There are many types and shapes of Chocolate Praline that suitable for a gift or even for "makan-makan sendiri". Seriously memang sedap! ;)

Orders can be made for Birthday Party, Majlis Aqiqah, Wedding, Special Event and as a special Gift as well. 

Frankly speaking, I am very particular with "HALAL" products and I am proudly to say that Molly Choc Homemade Chocolate and Cakes are absolutely Halal and Bersih. And all the ingredient used are in good quality.

As a beginner, there are a lot of promotion offers. I'll try my best to fulfill your desire and will provide a good service that will bring a joy into your life!! So, come and try Molly Choc!!

Insya Allah

Nienie ilyannie