Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dipped Apple

Ini dipped apple in the making namanya..
Celup coklat dah settle, tinggal nk deco2 je..

Design: Kerawang in green
Apple: Red ~ good quality

Additional Info:
Min order 30pax ---> RM99 only!!!
RM3.30 per pax - kerawang design
*For bride & groom, RM3.40 /pax

*Self pickup / hand delivery je. xleh pos sbb nnti apple jadi tunggang terbalik.. hihi
Kalau rumah jauh, leh diskas2 jumpa kat check point memana..

Sunday, December 14, 2014

18pcs Choc Praline

18pcs for only RM18
with cream filling & almond + ribbon

whatsapp/sms 0163714377
*Boleh pos

Popcake in Round Box

Theme: Bride & Groom in Yellow

RM80 only!!

30 to 35pcs - simple / kerawang design
Add RM5 for bride & groom design
Add RM5 for small flower fondant

Dipped Apple for Wedding

125 pax Dipped Apple

Kerawang design + ribbon + tag
Choose your favourite apple - green or red

RM3.30 per pax
*For bride & groom, RM3.40 /pax
*Get discount for order more!

Thank you gift - 6pcs

Price: RM5.80 (6 pcs)
FREE ribbon & cream filling
Min order: 10 pax

*Boleh pos Semenanjung & Sabah, Sarawak

Thank You gift - 12pcs

Price: RM12 (12 pcs)
FREE ribbon
Min order: 2 pax

Add RM10 for postage - packaging in hard box for more than 2 pax

Birthday Gift

Birthday gift ~ Celebrate kat nursery

whatsapp/sms 0163714377 - yannie
*Boleh pos ke Semenanjung Malaysia

Popcake + Oreo Ben10 + Smile Lolichoc

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Choc Bar size M & mini


XL (11.5 x 5.3 x 0.8cm) --> RM2.80
L (12.5 x 4 x 1cm) --> RM2.00
M (7 x 3.5 x 0.8cm) --> RM1.50
Mini choc bar (3 x 2.5cm) --> RM50 for 50pcs

*Boleh custom design. xde charge pun.. :) 

Mini Choc Bar Theme Iron Man


50pcs + custom design --> RM50
100pcs + custom design --> RM90

*Add RM5 for filling almond with min order 100pcs)

Get best discount for order more!!

Whatsapp/sms 0163714377 -yannie

Hantaran Tunang

35pcs for only RM35
with cream filling & almond + ribbon

whatsapp/sms 0163714377
*Boleh pos

Lolichoc Frozen

RM1.40 /pc (min order 50pcs)

Whatsapp/sms 0163714377 -yannie

Post ke Kemaman Terengganu. Pos arini esok dah sampai..

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Popcake Birthday Princess

Min order 30pcs : RM2.30 /pc
75pcs : RM2.20 /pc
110pcs : RM2.10 /pc

Add RM5-15 for fondant decoration.

For more info
Whatsapp/sms 0163714377 -yannie
**Boleh post (semenanjung Malaysia)

Post ke Kemaman Terengganu. Pos arini esok dah sampai..